Crafty Maya

I couldn't resist adding these photos of Maya as they're so cute!

She was just over two months old in these first photos and for some reason I thought she'd look really cute in my Expedit unit.  DH was there to make sure she didn't fall.

She likes to be involved in everything and felt she had to investigate my desk next.  She wasn't that impressed as there was a distinct lack of biscuits.

This one was taken today, over three years later.  She doesn't fit into the cubes anymore!

To bring it back to craft again, here's one of my favourite scrapbook pages of her.  The photo was taken when we first met her.  She was seven days old and sooooooooo cute!


  1. Such a sweet puppy.....xx fond memories xx

  2. How lovely is Maya, it is amazing how they grow. Loved looking at your craft room too, I wish mine were as big but I can't complain as at least I am lucky enough to have one :)


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