My Craft Room

I love looking at pictures of craft rooms so I thought I should have a page on mine...

I really enjoy spending time in there and try to keep it tidy.  This works well until I start to craft.  I go into a lovely, neat room and before I know it there's stuff everywhere!

My desk was a bargain, £5 off eBay!  It's a great size with lots of storage areas. My most used stuff is all stored in here.

I love my new large Tonic glass mat - It's 36cm x 60cm and great for crafting on. I try and keep it clear so I always have some space on my desk to work on.

My big Daylight lamp is fab but I've also treated myself to a portable one. It's useful for so many things and it's much easier to take downstairs when I want to craft down there. It's also great when used in conjunction with the other one for photographing my cards and putting my make-up on!  

My ink pad storage rack is from Inkylicious. It's great having them all to hand and I still have space for some more!.

Next to my desk are my Expedit units from Ikea. They are so handy as they're really strong and hold a lot of stuff.

I've put my old knitting machine table in front of them as it makes a handy surface when I want to get something out of the boxes. Before they would just end up on the floor.

As you can see I store my mounted Clarity stamps loose in a RUB (Really Useful Box) and my unmounted ones on laminated sheets. I put sheets of baking parchment in between each layer as this stops them all sticking together.

On top I keep things that I don't use so often. 

My US Army Drill Sgt bear (a pressie from Hubby when he was working with the US Army) keeps a keen eye on things - He does like a nice tidy room!

Below I've tried to make as efficient use of the storage as I can. As you can see I do love my RUBs. 

Over on the other side of the room is a big canvas of Maya.  It makes me smile every time I look at it.  She had been busy digging in the garden before I took the photo and she still had the evidence on her nose!  

Below that is Mum's old gate-leg dining table. I don't keep it up, as I know it will just end up covered in junk, but it is more extra work space when I need it.

Next to that is something I'm really pleased with - my new Nestabilities storage system. They used to be on the side of my Expedit, next to my desk but they outgrew that. I'd been eyeing up the side of the wardrobe as a possible solution for ages, but as It's an Army quarter I didn't want to damage it. Then I had this idea. I bought a piece of furniture board and some cup hooks from B&Q and made it. Some vinyl words cut on my Cameo finish off the top. So useful!

Down the other end of the room I have Hubby's old computer desk with my electrical and cutting things on it. 

It's a bit dark over that side of the room and I was having trouble reading the measurements on my guillotine, so I've put an old lamp there.

My Tim Holtz pinny hangs on the door for when I'm getting messy. I just need to remember to put it on before I do!

No space is wasted, my card blanks, Splodge mat and A3 card are stored under my Pilates Performer.

Well, that's where it all happens. I hope it's still as neat and tidy when you're reading this!



  1. Hi Lynne
    It must be nice to have a dedicated craft room mine you with all your craft goodies you need it

  2. So tidy!!!! I'm ashamed of mine...


  3. Amazing room!!! I wish I had one as nice!!! When I eventuall get one please can you come and organise it for me? xx

  4. Just found this page Lynne

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous - I am on the dining room table - we haven't got a room to convert. This is well organised - I spend more time looking for stuff than it takes to use it half the time xx

  5. With I had own craft room I have taken over dining room table and half the living room and I am never tidy you put me to shame

  6. Love your craft room, don't you find craft rooms are like handbags, no matter how big or small you always fill them x

  7. Super room Lynne and so tidy. Thanks for letting us have a look around.

  8. Smashing room Lynne its very tidy i only have a small orner and its next to the airing cupboard so it gets very warm,i worry about my pens and stamps being to near and that they might dry up ,i really need a shed but its the heating problem in winter x

  9. Lovely room. Well layed out, clean and tidy.You can tell you are not in a teenager,s room

  10. Wow Lynne! Your craft room is lovely and sooo well organised!


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