Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Painting Bunnies Card

It's a close call between this and my Hungry Bunnies card, but I think this one just edged it as my favourite from February's shows. I probably spent more time making it than the rest of them put together. I would do a little bit and then leave it for a while before I did the next part. As I got further into it I was worried that I would do my usual trick and mess it up just as it's nearly done. Thankfully that didn't happen.

As always I started off on copier paper to make sure I got the stamps in the right position - so that the scene looks good and the perspective is correct.

One thing I realised straight away was that the Quirky Tree would be a nightmare to mask. For this reason I curved the hill so that the green of the grass was mainly behind the trunk giving me an easy shape to cut out. It didn't matter if I got a bit of the blue sky (Tumbled Glass Distress Ink) on the tree as that wouldn't really show through once I'd coloured it with ProMarkers.

There was a lot of masking in this card - the bunnies, easel, paint brush, palette, sheep, and house all needed them.

I kept the scene that the bunny is painting quite simple. I copied the grassy hill and again enlisted Hubby's drawing skills to recreate the house in miniature. I think she looks so cute painting. That easel could have been made for her.

I was so pleased with it when I'd finished and proudly showed it to Hubby. His comment was "Why do you have weeds hanging from the sky?".  Men!

It's art, darling. My "weeds" can do what they want to!  :-)

Stamps Used
Bunnies and grasses (or weeds as Hubby calls them) from the Remountable Bunny Set
Easel, palette, and paint brush from the Remountable Artist Set
Sheep from the Remountable Farm Set



  1. Oh wow Lynne, these pictures are just AMAZING, I love the bunnies painting.. you have an amazing talent :-)

  2. This is a very nice card the composition very good, lots of good detail.xx

  3. Truly brilliant
    what do they say....every picture tells a story!

    This certainly does excellent x


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