Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Toucans - Happiness is Time Spent with a Friend

I thought I'd start with this card.........

...........as the stamps really made me smile when they arrived.

When we got married, just over 25 years ago, Hubby was posted in Germany and I joined him over there. We didn't have a lot and started off with a furnished Army quarter, then gradually bought our own furniture.

My father-in-law reading while I'm being a domestic goddess

One of my favourite things was these fab toucan sofas (we also had matching dining chairs) and the Clarity toucans took me right back there. Happy times!

Anyway, back to the stamps.

I started off by stamping the toucans in Archival black on a square piece of card. I then filled in the area around them with the cheese plant leaves. Masking some of them off so that it looked like they were in front of the ones I stamped on top.

I used Archival black for the outline of the leaves and Cottage Ivy and Bamboo Leaves Memento for the solid part. One thing I have found out before is that I find it much easier to stamp the outline first and then fill it in with the solid stamp. When I do it the other way around I never seem to be able to line them up as accurately. I noticed that on TV Barbara did it the other way around, so I'd suggest having a play on some scrap paper and see if it makes a difference which way you do it - It could just be one of my peculiarities!

Once the leaves were all done, I brushed some green ink around the edge and masked off the birds to work on the clouds behind them.

The toucans are coloured in with Spectrum Noir pencils and I chose black and yellow mats to complement them.

The "Happiness is time spent with a friend" stamp seemed the perfect finishing touch.

Stamps Used



  1. Gosh Lynne, you look so young doing the vacuuming! You were obviously a child bride :)
    Lovely card (and sofa!)

  2. Love the sofa lol. Fantastic card x

  3. lovely card. such a lot of effort. interesting that the man reads and the woman cleans.... xx


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