Sunday, 23 November 2014

Embossed Butterfly Tree

Hi, I thought I'd write a quick post while I'm drinking my post Maya walking cup of coffee. She is so funny - where I live is surrounded by farmland and the roads we walk along are really muddy at moment.  When we get back we are both covered in it. Now if I took her upstairs and gave her a nice warm shower she would kick off big time but she is more than happy to stand in the garden and let me rinse her off with the hose. It must be freezing!

Anyway, I'm feeling a lot more positive today as yesterday's sample making went much better than the previous day's. I shall be back up there when I've finished this and I'm really looking forward to it.

This card is a really simple one but I was so pleased with how it turned out. Working out where to position everything is what took the time - I wanted the copper butterflies to be on the black tree and across the sun.

Once I had that worked out it was just a case of creating the scene. The black tree is stamped in Archival ink and the copper tree is stamped in Versamark and then heat embossed with Detail Copper powder by Stampendous.

I always think that a sentiment can make a card and "Autumn, the year's last' loveliest smile" seemed perfect...................then I had a major panic! Do you get butterflies in autumn? Luckily for me a quick Google search confirmed that they are still about in the UK in October. Phew! Panic over - I hadn't just ruined all that work after all!

Stamps and Stencils Used
Autumn Smile stamp from the Maple Leaf Set



  1. Beautiful as usual Lynne, love the contrast of the colours. That copper is so rich. xxx

  2. Stunning card Lynne and the copper really makes the butterflies stand out. I am glad that you had a better day yesterday and hope today goes really well too. I am just back after walking Tess and Eric, and yes they both got really muddy....Tess is happy with a cold hose down but Eric....well he isn't so keen.......xx

  3. Very beautiful card Lynne - it made me smile that you worried about butterflies being around in Autumn! We are allowed artistic licence!! xxx

  4. so much perspective created. and i was about to repeat what Janet said about artistic licence, but now i won't hehe xx

  5. Hello Lynne. Fabulous card. I love the way you've positioned the butterflies, and where you've coloured them. It's a truly lovely card.

    Before I sign off ... when I began reading your blog I kind of forgot who's blog I was reading and was paying more attention to the lovely card and the words written. I read about how dirty Maya gets when you go out walking, and how you could shower her down in the shower - but she puts up a fuss and much prefers to have a freezing cold splash down out in the garden.

    My eye's widened to saucer size when I read this ... you see, I have another blogger I follow who has a young daughter who's called ... Maya. I had visions of this tiny little scrap of curly haired wonderfulness, stood naked in the garden, in the really cold weather we're having here in the UK right now ... and being sprayed with the garden hose from the outdoor tap. Oh My Goodness!

    It wasn't until I got to the end of that first paragraph when I realised that I was on your blog and it was Maya the DOG you were talking about!!


    Have a blessed rest of your day! ~ Cobs. x

    1. I nearly spat my coffee out reading that. So funny and I can just imagine what was going through your mind, Cobs. It's probably just as well that I don't have kids! lol x

  6. The last time I tried hosing my two down, they looked at me as though I was killing them. Clean water is poison but muddy smelly stuff is heaven. Now that card, on the other hand is total heaven and just shows why you are on the DT. xx Maggie

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments and the laughs. x

  8. Just to eleviate your mind, I had two butterflies in my garden at the beginning of last week so don't be worrying about the time of year. I know how you worry about these things Lynne, lol. Brilliant card as always.


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