Friday, 24 April 2015

Fairy Birthday Card

Hi everyone. I've had a very expensive morning - I've been to the optician's and found out that I need glasses for reading (and crafting!). Hopefully when they arrive I will be able to craft for longer without getting sore, blurry eyes and see what I'm doing properly!

Today's card is one I made for my friend Lucy's birthday earlier in the month. It's based on one of Barbara's demos from this month's Create and Craft show. I loved her idea of the fairies making the banner and had to have a go.

I also used Barbara's idea of mixing up the upper and lower case letters. It's something I wouldn't have thought of doing but I love the look of it.

Some holographic glitter finishes it off.

Stamps Used

I hope you have a lovely weekend. I will be having fun in my craft room making samples for next month's show.



  1. Ohh, this is so lovely, Lynne, definately my sort of card. I really love the idea of the fairies making the banner, and the way you've 'placed' two fairies building the name. It makes it so much more special somehow. Great colours too!
    with love ~ Cobs. x

  2. Fab version of the idea Lynne xx

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