Sunday, 21 June 2015

My Gelli Print Father's Day Cards

Hello. I know when I write my posts that I'll always get at least one person reading them - My dad. So I'd like to start by wishing him "Happy Father's Day".

As I mentioned in my previous post, he loves bird watching. Where as my father-in-law loves horses, so I thought I'd make a bird card and a horsey card (not very original but I never know what to make for men's cards). Other than that I was stumped. Then I saw this post on Barbara Gray's blog and was inspired.

I haven't played with my Gelli plate for a while so it was great to get it out again. I've used different colours, stamps and stencils to Barbara but I followed the steps she took.

This is my dad's with the new Geese stamp...........

.............and this is my father-in-law's with the Wooden Horse stamp.

I hope they (and you) like them.

Thanks for joining my dad and visiting my Crafty Little Blog today.

Stamps and Stencils Used



  1. Fantastic Lynn, must get my gelli plates out too xx

  2. Great Father's Day cards the colours are gorgeous. I was thinking about you yesterday as I had to make a sympathy card in a hurry ... I was so inspired by your last post (the sunset in a semicircle) and the card was soon made. so thank you for inspiring me xxxAnnie

    1. Thanks Annie. So sorry for your loss. x

  3. Love the card and it is nice to see I am not the only looking at it
    Thanks Love Dad XXX

  4. Lovely cards Lynne, great backgrounds x


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