Sunday, 7 February 2016

February's Claritystamp Samples

Good evening. What a day I've had! I thought I'd start clearing out my craft room this morning and it didn't go very well. I really want to get rid of all the old stuff that I know I'll never use but I feel so overwhelmed by it all. I just don't know where to I stopped!

Luckily I've had Barbara Gray's shows to watch on Hochanda. She always cheers me up.

These are the cards I made for the shows. I think I was wishing for good weather as I've done a few sunny scenes. As always, I will blog them all individually throughout the month.

Thanks for visiting. I hope I'll see you again soon.



  1. Beautiful samples look forward to blogs x

  2. Beautiful samples look forward to blogs x

  3. Lovely samples Lynne. Looking forward to watching the shows which I am recording. I know how you feel about clearing out your craft room - I've tried a few times but it's not really any better!!xx

  4. ace samples as usual. very elegant and graceful xx

  5. Its hard chuck! Beautiful cards, elegant, just like you xxx

  6. Beautiful cards as usual Lynne. I sympathise with you about clearing your craft room - I have tried several times and had to give up as the task is so daunting!! Di xx

  7. They're all beautiful Lynne, glad you're back :-) x


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