Thursday, 12 July 2012

Lesson 6

I have been enjoying the In the Classroom with Barbara Gray shows on Create and Craft TV.  Lesson 6 was one of my favourites.  The floral stamps are gorgeous and I love the skep demo that Barbara did.

I cheated a bit with my skep and cut the template out on my Cameo.  I bought the shape from the Silhouette store.  I brayered and sponged through the aperture to create the hive.  I'm not great at colouring, so I particularly enjoyed Barbara's tips for that.  I followed what Barbara did and was really pleased with the finished result.  I then made it into a card for my Mum who was very pleased with it.

After I'd made Mum's card I was struggling with ideas for another design to send in for my homework.  I was messing about with the stamps and decided to try and stamp my name with them.  It started off as a bit of fun but I thought it was a bit different and decided to use it.  After I'd done it, I thought I should have stamped the word MUM.  It would have been easy to do and would make a gorgeous Mother's Day card.  I couldn't face doing it again though, so Lynne it was.  When it was shown on TV Barbara joked "This one was made by Frank".  


  1. LOL ! I remember that.....One of my favourite to make too Lynne. have made a few of these in varying colours. and your colouring is great. xxxx
    Tummy Rubs to Maya

  2. Yes , Lynne this was a real favourite of mine too I got a real buzz when I pull off the template for the skep and saw it worked. Lesson 6 was packed with hints and tips on colouring and shading, I really enjoyed it. Loved your name card when I first saw it on C&C so clever and a lot of work. Loving your blog it is just like having a chat over a coffee - keep it coming please x Annie


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