Friday, 27 July 2012

ProMarker Storage

I recently labelled all my ProMarkers and it has made using them so much easier.  I started off intending to add coloured dots to the top of them.  Whilst I was doing this I noticed that a lot of the colours looked the same, so I decided to number them too.  I thought that would be a lot easier than writing the names on such a tiny surface!

Now I just look at the chart to see what colour I want.........

then it's easy to spot that number in the box.

The box I store them in is a RUB (Really Useful Box) insert.  It's just the right size and the sections are handy for keeping the colours separate.  This also helps me find the pens quicker.  It is nice and portable too, so I can easily bring it downstairs if I want to do some colouring in the living room.

Maya had to investigate when I was trying to take the photos.  I'm lucky she didn't run off with a few!  


  1. I think Maya is looking for a matching brown

  2. These are really useful tips Lynne. I'm amassing quite a stash of "things" and putting them in the plastic boxes all together is not ideal as I forget what I've put where and unfortunately I don't have a dedicated craft room - it's the kitchen table when I'm crafting, and any space available in the spare room upstairs to store everything when I'm not :-) x


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