Monday, 21 January 2013

Clarity Quirky Cottage Scene

Sorry it's been a while since my last post again but I'm still having computer issues. We're getting to know the Sheffield Apple store quite well!

I thought I'd come back with my favourite of my cards from January's shows.

As soon as I saw the Quirky Cottages in the box I knew they were going to be fun to play with and I wasn't wrong. I so enjoyed making this one.

I started off with the gate and the house on the hill, then I just added to it, using lots of different Clarity stamps.

When I'd finished it still looked like it was lacking something. Hubby and I both had the same idea - cobbles. I'm hopeless at drawing and didn't want to mess it up, so he bravely volunteered to do the paving. Luckily his drawing is better than his DIY!

It's all finished off with a chocolate Labrador in the garden. I would say that it's Maya, but it doesn't seem to be causing any trouble!  :-)



  1. When I saw this card on the programme, I thought how good it was. There is so much work in it and the addition of the Labrador and the cobbles just makes it perfect. xx Maggie

  2. What a fab card Lynne, and as soon as I saw the Labrador I knew it was one of yours. Not only are you and your Dad talented card makers but Jason is too. A Real Crafty family....hugs. X

  3. I loved this on the box but can get a better look here It's great and hubby's lovely cobbles really draw your eyed.up to the house.lovely x

  4. Hi Lynne, love this card. Where did you get the lab stamp? I'm searching for one myself. Thx.

    1. Mine is actually part of my Handmade by Lynne stamp that is on my side bar but the same stamp is available as part of the Remountable Home set. x

    2. Doh! So it it, that's great, Lynne, thank you.


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