Sunday, 13 January 2013

Roseart Vase Card with a Shaving Foam Background

Firstly apologies for not posting sooner. On Monday I was typing away when all of a sudden my screen went black! My poor iMac is now in hospital being fixed. Hubby has kindly lent me his laptop so I can finish this post. Thank goodness for auto save!

I thought I'd better blog this card first, as I've had a few people ask me questions about the shaving foam technique I used to create the background. It comes from Dawn Bibby's Stamps, Stickers and Stencils DVD.

The finished card. Made using the Clarity Roseart set of stamps. The verse on the little tag was stamped on shrink plastic.

A close-up of the vase. This is also made with the same marbled paper as the background. The Roseart stamp is stamped in Versamark and heat embossed with Metallic Gold Sparkle Wow! powder.  

I was a lucky girl at Christmas as Mum and Dad bought me some new Spellbinders dies. This is from the Floral Ovals set and was cut out of Centura Pearl card. 

As they are so intricate the first time I used them I had a nightmare trying to get the card out of the die. It also took a few passes through my Calibur to cut it fully. I've since bought some Cut Rite Wax Paper from Joanna Sheen and it is brilliant. The die cuts first time and the card comes away from the die really easily. It's also a lot easier to remove the little pieces that are left behind. I'd previously tried baking parchment from the supermarket. It was better than nothing, but nowhere near as good as the waxed paper.

A close-up of the paper. You can't really see the shimmer from the sprays in the photo. In real life it looks so pretty.

Now here's how it came about -

I'd already made one card using these stamps (the green and red one) and was trying to think of ideas for another one. Mum said "What about a pretty background using Dawn Bibby's shaving foam technique?". We went out and bought some shaving foam and started playing.

Stupidly I didn't think to take any photos until we'd done most of it, but it's fairly simple.

1)  Spray a nice thick layer of shaving foam onto a plate.

2) Spritz with mica sprays. We used Dawn Bibby's Shimmer Spritz in Rosie Ritz and Golden Glitz that came with the DVD when it was a TSV on QVC. The green paper that is in a later photo was made with the addition of some green Glimmer Mist.

3) Create a marbled effect in the inky foam by swirling it around with a pokey tool (or something similar).

4) Put the card (we used Theuva) onto the foam and press down. You may need to do this a few times to cover all of the card. It really depends on the look you want to achieve.

5) Remove the card and wipe away the foam. This can be done straight away. As we were in the kitchen I grabbed a non-stick fish slice to remove the foam. It worked really well but don't tell Hubby! 

Apologies for all the crap in the background of this photo. I was going to clear the sink before we got started but Mum was so keen to play that she'd already started before I'd had the chance! We did it the day after Boxing Day and if you look closely you might see my homemade sausage rolls in the Lock n Lock!!! 

When it has dried you are left with beautiful backing papers.



  1. Lovely card Lynne and thank you for sharing how you have done the marbling. Fab Card Very clever xxx

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, Lynne you are a great on for sharing x. this looks right up my street ..lovely & messy but i doubt the end result will be as good as yours. it's an altogether fabulous card. x Annie M

  3. Thanks Lynne for sharing that! Fabulous Card...the marbling effect is similar to the effect you get floating marbling ink on water but somehow the shaving foam looks like more fun!!!

  4. Thanks so much, lovely card. Think there is some shaving foam in the bathroom as I type, will have to have a play after I have dropped my grand daughter off for babysitting.Will take a palette knife with me.

  5. Thank you Lynne for your detailed instructions. I am looking forward to playing and tring to achieve the lovely cards that you always produce. Going to check out Joanna Sheen's website for the waxed paper, thanks for the info.xx

  6. Hi Lynne, your card is stunning and looked so impressive on t.v. I love this technique but have never done it myself......I must have a go. .....thanks so much for the instructions....and sausage rolls. X

  7. I love the subdued effect you have got with this technique - all the sprays I have got are very vibrant and the marbling comes out a lot more garish. Perhaps I have been too heavy handed....

    More playing required, methinks!


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