Thursday, 3 April 2014


I'm going to show you two versions of today's card.

This first version is for those of you who, like me, don't speak German. It took me quite a while to make and I was so chuffed with it, until I showed it to my German friend Connie. We were out for our weekly coffee, cake and shopping trip when she pointed out that I'd made a spelling mistake! I'd better not repeat what I said!!!!!!

There are two very similar birthday greetings (Connie did tell me the difference but I think I was too busy swearing to take it in) -

HERZLICHE GLÜCKWÜNSCHE ZUM GEBURTSTAG (which is how it's spelt in the German Celebrations stamp set)
and the one I used 

I'd noticed that there was an "N" on the end of Herzliche and no umlaut on the second "U" in Glückwunsch but I hadn't spotted that there was no "E" on the end of it!!!!!!!

I tried to rescue it with the help of a handy bird but it didn't really work.

So, this is the version for German speakers. It looks a bit odd but at least it's spelt correctly!

I guess this post is more about the idea of the card, which I still like, rather than the actual card that I made.

It's done on Theuva card. I drew a cross in pencil, marking the centre of each side, to help me get the stamping straight and centred. Then I stamped the text boxes and filled in the greeting.

I masked that off with Post-its.........

........stamped the scene and added the sun.

That was then masked off so that I could add colour to the rest of the scene. Maybe I should have just left it like this. Anyway, I am now under strict instruction to show Connie anything German before I do it!

Stamps Used
Lesson 18 - Birdhouse Set



  1. Lol it's the way you tell 's em, lovely card, I've recently received the letter set so thanks for the example with the longer words x

  2. Oh Lynne! I so sympathise, I have to check, check and triple check my German spelling!
    It is worth the effort though, it is a lovely card xx

  3. lovely idea though. and that birdhouse set features once again. it is so versatile xx

  4. I love the card, even if there are spelling mistakes, which I would not have known, I am ashamed to say. I passed "O" level German, but promptly forgot the lot. I am not surprised you were swearing when the spelling was pointed out. I think I would have thrown it in the bin in sheer fury, so I admire your patience at sorting it out. xx Maggie

  5. Well Lynne you could have sent it to me and I wouldn't have noticed, this is the girl who posted a Birthday Card for Barbara and found out it said "Get Well Soon"!!! What are we like eh? Still Lynne this IS a lovely card. xx


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