Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Dee to the Rescue!

Morning all. I'm going to be totally honest about today's card and admit I did something really dumb when making it.

This is the finished, rescued card.

This is the original. Can you spot my mistake?

Yep, instead of using the stencil on the left, which was going to be on TV,  I stupidly used the one on the right, which wasn't!

I couldn't believe it when I realised. In need of some sympathy, I told the other members of the DT what I'd done. I was so annoyed with myself that I couldn't see a way around it but the always helpful Dee Paramour came to my rescue.

Dee said "Can't you cut the top off and still use it?". I calmed down a bit, had a think and realised that I could. Phew! Thank you Dee!!!!!!!! x

I extended the branch out to the side of the card and and cut along the top of it.............

.........The black totally disguises the join.

I then drew around the leaves and coloured them in with a black ProMarker. As I'd used the incorrect stencil to start off with I'd sponged black ink through the stencil, but I could also have done the rest of it with this method.

Well that's how I rescued it, but this is how I made it - The first thing I stamped was the flowers. I used black Adirondack ink for this as I wanted to use my ProMarkers to colour them in. I then masked them and the sides of the card off so that I could work on the scene.

I added some Wee Folk to add interest to the background and found the perfect sentiment to tie it all together - No matter how you spend your day - hope it's perfect in every way.

Thanks to Dee my day got a whole lot better. I really hate things getting the better of me and I was so glad that this didn't!!!!!
Stamps and Stencils Used



  1. Oh I feel your pain Lynne. I had to look severàl times before I spotted the difference in the stencils but well done Dee, sometimes it just needs another pair of eyes to see it differently. Anyway, well rescued its a lovely card x

  2. Good ole Dee! Well rescued Lynne - such a lovely card x

  3. the stencils are so similar that i had to really concentrate to see the difference. great card and what a star Dee is. well saved xx

  4. Wow great rescue job Lynne well done x

  5. That is so clever to rescue it that way. A lovely card. It shows there is (almost) always a way to save an apparent disaster. Well done, Lynne and Dee. xxx Maggie

  6. This is a gorgeous design Lynne and so clever how you rescued it....well done Dee...
    I know who to contact next time I need


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