Sunday, 4 January 2015

January's Claritystamp Samples

What an enjoyable show today and aren't the new stamps fab? I'm not surprised they sold out so quickly. I particularly love the Wee Folk, they are perfect for adding interest to a scene or even as the main image.............. I did with the woman walking her dog. You can imagine how excited I was to get that one! I just wish I looked as glamorous as her when I walk Maya.

I haven't shared a Hubby quote for a while but I had to write this one down. I was showing him the four cards above and one sort of abstract one that I wasn't sure about. He didn't need to say anything, as I could tell be the look on his face, but he came out with this gem "Those are the sort of thing you're good at where as that, on the other hand, looks a bit kindergarten". I do love people who tell it like it is! lol

I love the demos Barbara did with the canvas. I've been wanting to have a go at one since France but I still haven't taken the plunge. I am thinking I might have a go at recreating the dog card on the 4 x 4 inch canvas for my craft room though.............

There were also some older cards shown that I have already blogged so I thought I'd put them on here too. If you click on the titles it will take you to the posts on them.

The next two weren't shown But I thought I'd add them anyway. The first one is a better idea I had after I'd made the Lynne card.

Finally, I couldn't show my Blooming Corner cards without the wedding one. It always makes people laugh, I can't imagine why!

That set is so versatile and still one of my faves.

I'll be back soon with the individual posts on today's cards. Happy stamping!



  1. What a lovely set of cards Lynne. The wee folk are going to be so popular, they just capture the essence of different relationships and moments in time. Xxx

  2. I haven't seen the show yet, but these cards are great. The wee folk definitely look like must haves! Particularly love the look of the 'Mum' card. And hubby's quote is funny. x

  3. I missed the samples at the beginning of the show (stupid recorder) but Deano cracked me up when he said Lynne has so much show time. Barbara stood up for you but I love Deano, he is such fun. Beautiful cards as always. I ordered from clarity direct the set with the cat and bunny as Barbara's demo was stunning. So looking forward to my next workshop with Janet on 1st Feb. X

  4. Lamp at the wedding card. Seriously tho' love your other cards with the blooming corner set, especially the card for your mum. Beautiful artwork as always xx

  5. Oops meant lmao not "lamp" at the wedding card oopsy!

  6. lovely cards. recognised your older ones. still ace though.
    husbands have that nasty habit of saying things you don't really want to hear. mine does the same. however usually i still press on and then it is the card i usually get most comments for that he would have criticized, hugs xx

  7. Lots of beautiful cards here, love the blooming corners and the wee folk are on the list to buy on payday, x

  8. Love your husband's quote. Geoff used to be my best, most constructive critic and that is something else I miss. Your cards are so beautiful and I hope you keep your blog going. xx Maggie

  9. Lynne these are all stunning - as soon as I saw the lady and her dog ----it was Lynne and Maya in my eyes - its you to a T. xx

  10. All lovely cards Lynne, as always x


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