Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Hi there. I had lots planned for today but I got a little bit distracted by a new book - Giftwrapped by Jane Means. It's full of beautiful pictures and great ideas and I couldn't wait to have a go. Luckily it's my birthday next month............... and I knew my present was in the spare room.............so it's now in the process of being wrapped! I know Hubby won't mind (it will save him doing it) and I didn't peep! I've been punching, cutting things on my Cameo, inking and gluing. I'm now waiting for the glue to dry so I thought I'd do some blogging. If it looks good when I've finished it I'll take some photos and blog it when I've done this month's cards. I always love finding more ways to use my crafty stash and tools.

As I was talking about Maya in my last post I thought this card would be a good one to start with.

It's just a bit of fun but that's what I love about card making. You can do exactly what you want and really personalise them. I can just picture Hubby standing there yelling at her to come back and her being much more interested in something she's just found.

As always with my scenes I planned it out first on copy paper. I drew in the hills with the end of my A4 Clarity Blending Mat (such a useful piece of kit).

I stamped the dog, man and trees into place first, then masked off the dog and started to add colour. This was done with a brush and make-up sponges. I used the edge of the blending mat to tear the hill mask out of some copy paper then sponged in colour to define them.

I used the other part of the torn paper to mask off the hills so that I could stamp the bushes. I didn't worry about masking them off as they were going to be green anyway.

The colouring was all done with Spectrum Noir pencils. If you saw Maya in the last post you'll know that she's the colour of really rich dark chocolate. Unfortunately she ended up looking more like milk chocolate here as I just couldn't get her dark enough. All chocolate is good though!

To finish it off I added her name by using appropriate letters from the Word Chain stamps. It would have been good in the speech bubble from the Elegant Ladies set but as the trees were one of the stamps it was showcasing I didn't want to cover them up.

Well, I'd better go and do some of these jobs I had planned for today before Hubby gets home. Luckily it's meatballs and pasta for dinner so that won't take long to cook.

Stamps Used

See you soon,



  1. Beautiful card, Lynne, and I loved finding out how you got to the finished result. It also made me giggle when you talked about Maya ignoring the calls because she had found something more interesting. That would be my Gemma. xxx Maggie

  2. A very lovely card Lynne. Really liking what you are doing with the new stamps. Hugs. XXX

  3. Lovely Lyn, I love reading your thoughts behind your artwork and this was no exception lol xx


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