Saturday, 30 January 2016

Sewing Machine Covers - Sew, Hem and Serge

Hello. I'm very low on cards to blog so I'm alternating them with sewing posts. Barbara is on Hochanda next Sunday though so I'll soon have some more that I can share.

As my sewing obsession has grown so has my sewing machine collection. I now have machines to sew, hem and serge (more about that word later) and they all needed pretty covers.

The fabric used on them all is from the Sew Retro range by Makower. They have fusible fleece stuck to the main fabric to give it a bit of body and are lined with white cotton.  

Sew - Janome DC3050. I have already blogged about making this and where the ideas came from here but since my collection and my skills have grown I've tweaked it a little bit, adding the "SEW" appliqué. I used my Sizzix Fun Serif dies to cut out the lettering and they're attached with Heat n Bond Ultra as I wasn't confident enough to sew around them.  The blue oval they're on was cut out with a Spellbinders die. I attached it with Heat n Bond Lite and then blanket stitched around it on the machine - I figured I couldn't really mess up an oval.

Hem - Janome CoverPro 1000CPX. This was a bit of an extravagance but it was my Christmas present and I love it! I've started sewing jersey and this is perfect for hemming it. This one did actually come with a decent vinyl cover but it didn't want to be left out.

The patchwork panels (front and back) were done with June Tailor's Quilt As You Go Pre-Printed Batting.......

.......which made it really easy. Although since then I've had a go at the real thing and I'm enjoying that too.

Serge - Janome 9200D. Being English I do usually call this an overlocker but the American name "serger" is shorter and I thought it worked better in this case.

This one didn't come with a cover so I had great fun working out a pattern for such an odd shape. I'm really pleased with how it turned out though.

The only problem is that after all that work I guess I'm going to have to stick with these machines. Hubby will be pleased to read this!

I also made a few really useful accessories. The mug caddy is from a pattern by Simplicity (2450). I'll do a separate post on that sometime as I also made Hubby one for Christmas for his desk at work. The thread catcher bowl is from Debbie Shore's Half Yard Home book and the wrist pin cushion is based on one I found here. I didn't have any flowers so I used a circle of fabric instead, it's not as pretty but I was impatient. 

I guess I'd better go and finish my Clarity samples. Happy crafting.



  1. What fantastic, co-ordinating covers and accessories. The fabric is gorgeous. I also have sewing machine envy. Would love an over locker but just do not have room nor the time to justify the cost of one. ..Maybe when I retire from teaching. Looking forward to seeing your Clarity samples xx

  2. Your covers look amazing. I've been to admire the quilters exhibition at the Spa in Scarborough a few years ago and the work and detail is stunning, your projects are fantastic x

  3. I was searching for a pattern for a serger cover and saw this blog post on Pinterest. All 3 covers are so cute! Would you be able to share how you did the serger cover? Thanks!

  4. Thanks Tara. It made me laugh reading this post again as I've upgraded my serger and sewing machine since then. Oops! The serger cover just about still fits. Anyway, is there something specific you'd like to know? The serger cover is made pretty much the same way as the sewing machine one that I linked to a previous post on it. To get the shape I cut out a rectangle using the depth and height measurements, then placed it at the side of the machine so that I could see where to cut the corner off, giving it the shape. I then used the length of the top 4 sides to work out how long to cut the central panel and added in my seam allowance. I hope that helps. Happy sewing.

  5. i love your covers its made me think i really should make some for mine xx


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