Saturday, 23 January 2016

Tumbling Blocks Card

Thanks for the warm welcome back and "Hello" to anyone new who has visited from Barbara's blog. My Crafty Little Blog has been bit neglected recently - I can see from the stats on the right that I did half as many post last year as I did in the previous two but I will try and do better in 2016. Hopefully by adding my sewing as well it will keep it a bit more active.

Talking of sewing, this card was inspired by the Tumbling Blocks patchwork design as that's what the stencil reminded me of. It's real blast from the past as it uses some of my "antique" supplies.

Does anyone recognise these papers? They were from an old QVC TSV. I think I started buying QVC craft stuff around 2001 and these were one of my early purchases, so they're at least 10 years old! The small scale of the patterns makes them perfect for this project though.

The design works with a light, medium and dark shade to give the cubes an almost 3D look. I put the stencil on some scrap paper and worked out which each piece would be, then I cut them out of the appropriate paper.

Then I stuck them all in to place with the help of the stencil.  

I decided to cut it back to a rectangle to make the card but it needed something to finish it off. I rooted through my stash and found these "antique" brads which were the perfect colour. I don't know how long I've had them but they were from Lakeland when they sold craft goodies. I used to get some really great stuff from them, it's a shame they stopped doing it.

I know if I keep something long enough it will come in handy and this card has proved it - Hubby if you're reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stencil Used



  1. Lovely card, as always, Lynne. It is nice to see some of those old products being used - I still have soooo many old kits. xx

  2. Ooh Lynne! What a clever clever idea. And what a lovely result. You lost you mojo? Well methinks you found it again!!! xx

  3. Paper piecing is so satisfying, lovely card.

  4. great card. and i'm with you on keeping stuff. xx

  5. Very effective card. I think reminded me of patchwork when I saw it. I'm with you on keeping fact, sometimes I can't bare to use something until it is old and getting in my way lol! Looking forward to reading your sewing blogs too xxx

  6. Amazing card Lynne. Good way to use all those scraps that we all have.xx

  7. Oh Lynne this is fab what a great way to use bits up xx

  8. Oh Lynne this is fab what a great way to use bits up xx


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