Sunday, 6 March 2016

A Groovi Mother's Day

Good morning. I probably couldn't have picked a worse day to blog my first Groovi cards, as all the DT will be sharing their masterpieces from today's shows on Hochanda, but they are appropriate for today so here goes.....

I did have a try at the Catterick Open Day but I didn't get my own until this week when Hubby bought me some bits for my birthday.  Thank you. x

I picked these plates as I thought they would make pretty Mother's Day cards and looked quite simple. The problem was I had to get them in the post the day after they arrived! That didn't give me any time to practise so these are my first two attempts.

This is the one I started with. I've also joined the Groovi Club, so I began by tracing out the ovals from the Mini Plate Mate for the text to see how it would fit. Luckily it was the perfect size for the centre of the floral wreath so I just took it from there. One of my favourite things to do in stamping is building up a picture with masking so I love how the Groovi system makes this so simple.

When I'd traced all of the design I coloured it in with my Spectrum Noir pencils. I decided to avoid the white work as I didn't have much time and I was worried about messing it up. 

I was feeling a bit more adventurous when I got to this one and decided to have a go at the white work. The only problem was I didn't have a clue where to do it. When you're not colouring it in is the white work the light or shade? Does it matter? I do know I need to do it for longer as mine isn't hugely white but at least I didn't go through the parchment!

I thought the hard bit was over when I'd finished that but then I had to make them into cards - I hadn't thought about that part. White work does not show up well on white card and different coloured card changes the look of what you've coloured. What to choose? In the end I used some of the Clarity blue pearl paper for both. Next time I will think about this before I start.

So many things I have to learn. If you have any tips for me I'd love to hear them. The main thing I've learnt so far is that Groovi cards are a lot of fun but can't be rushed.

I'll be glued to all of the shows on Hochanda today and Monday. I'm sure I'll pick up lots of hints and I know I'll be inspired by Barbara and the DT's samples.

Happy Mother's Day Mum. I hope you like your card.

Groovi Plates Used
Butterfly Wreath and Meadow Grasses



  1. Both really pretty, Lynne - I can see you are going to be good at the Groovi thing!xx

  2. Wow Lynne, think you're a natural. Get yourself on a workshop with Susan Moran. Lovely cards x

  3. Looking at the card in front of me (top one) I can tell you it is better than the photo I can see why mums over the moon with it, love it well done.

  4. Lovely Lynne, your first two cards are much better than mine were :-) It's very addictive isn't it xx

  5. Hello Lynne. What beautiful cards. Knew you would be a natural.
    What you have is light shading, it shows up much better on the darker card. So my tip for you is: When doing whitework, take your no.4 tool up and down gently over your lineart (start by putting your ball on the embossed line - you will feel the groove) of the bit you are working on. You will see the line spread a bit. When you see this happening you are now ready to travel across the area while still going up and down in smooth, close, gentle strokes. Once you have even coverage you then go down to your No.3 tool and continue with the same motions. If you want a graduated white, then do the first step with the No.4 then go in with the No.3 from one end only lifting the tool up at the end of each stroke. You can if you wish go in again with the No.2....this will make it really white. Just be gentle and have a little patience.
    If I am repeating a lot of the same design (leaves etc) I go over it all with the No.4, then go around from my starting point with the No.3 This way you will gently stretch the parchment evenly and there will be no need to put your work under a book as some people suggest (I have never needed to do that)
    Looking forward to seeing your next masterpiece. Hugs xxx

    1. Thank you so much for the tips Emma. I will give them a go. The last bit will be especially useful but it did made me laugh - mine did get put under a book!
      Hugs back to you. x


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