Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Farewell Purple Jumper

Hello. Today's post is a bit different - it's knitting. Despite my Mum and Nan being good hand knitters it's not something I ever got into but in the early 1990s I did buy a knitting machine. This was much more me (you know I love my gadgets) and I made myself a few jumpers. I recently got rid of the machine after it sitting in the loft for many years and most of my knitting has also gone. It was mostly just plain jumpers and cardigans but there's one I am rather proud of. I know I will never wear it, as it's nasty acrylic yarn and so out of fashion but I haven't been able to part with it.................until now. I thought I'd put it on for one last time, photograph it, blog it and then bin it.

Fashion Police please note - it has been unworn, tucked away in a drawer, for about 20 years.

The photo shoot was very quick and I'm afraid this is the best one. I don't think I'll be getting a job as a knitwear model or Hubby as a fashion photographer! You can see the jumper though and that's what the post is about.

I think the pattern was created with the help of a punch card system but that's all I can remember. I don't think I could even cast on now! Still it was fun at the time.

So farewell purple jumper, you will still live on in blogland.



  1. Lynne, Lynne...Don't throw it out!!!! Get your sowing machine out and make some cushion covers or maybe a couple of handbags (it is big enough lol). It may be out of date but the colours are fab. I am sure you could recycle it. The Huge collar would make a great neckwarmer too. Brilliant photo of you. I think Hubby did a grand job lol. Crafty hugs xxx

  2. Brilliant idea Emma, it would make great cushions or bags, get it out the bin Lynne :-) xx

    1. Noooooooo................I'm not listening Julie...................la la la la la x

    2. Sorry (not) Lynne....But as a crafter, you must set a good example to others and encourage them be creative.....it is your duty!!!!
      Why not offer it to someone as a challenge and see what they make of it (not me....bit busy and sewing machine is out in the garage, me with my poorly arm can't move it) But you can not throw it in the bin.

      Love you lots xxx

    3. If it was a pair of socks I could make it into a monkey :)

  3. Love the colour and the pattern, upcycle it definitely xx

  4. Okay, I officially have no fashion sense, I'd wear it now! Please don't bin it, up cycling is the way to go. Do it, do it, do it! Cara x

  5. You're all making me laugh. Maybe I will take it to a charity shop instead. x

  6. the pattern on it is fab. if you can upcycle it please do as it is lovely xx

  7. Oh wow that's fab love the colour..can you not turn it into something else

  8. Oh wow that's fab love the colour..can you not turn it into something else

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks Barbara, although I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not. lol x


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