Thursday, 13 December 2012

Musical Note Card

I'm having one of those mornings where nothing is going right, so I thought I'd take a break and do a spot of blogging.  Hopefully that will be more successful.

I'm working on the Clarity samples for January and I've just tried to stamp a scene out four times. Each time something has gone wrong and it's ended up in the bin. I think sometimes you just need to put everything away and start again tomorrow.

This is another of my cards from this month's show. I chose the colour scheme very carefully - I went into my ProMarker box and found my brightest, most shocking, pink - Magenta.  It's quite a dramatic colour!

The stamping is all done with Black Archival ink which I left to dry overnight before colouring in with my Magenta pen. I also used this to colour some white card for the matting and some seam binding to give me a lovely matching ribbon. I already had some pink gems that were a similar colour, otherwise they would have had the ProMarker touch too.



  1. Yet another fabulous card Lynne.xx

  2. What a beautiful card. Stunning, well done again.

  3. Hi Lynne, your card is stunning and I love the bright pink. You really make me feel better just knowing that you too need a second go at some cards. Looking forward to the January shows. X


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