Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Wallflower Bookmark Card

This card was a combination of two ideas; the three flower heads suggested a bookmark and the floral corner a pocket.  Join them together and you have a card with a pocket for a bookmark!  I was so pleased with the finished result.

I started off on copy paper to work out the size and positions but the finished card was stamped on some beautiful double sided K & Co paper.

I think you can probably see how I did it but just in case you can't here's my prototype. This is the pink side of the paper...........

and this is the cream side. I adjusted the size of the bottom section to fit once I'd chosen my ribbon and the Dream stamp. 

Once I'd done all of the stamping and colouring I stuck it together to make the pocket. I was then able to add the ribbon before I stuck it to the base card. This also hid the ends of the ribbon.

The bookmark was cut on my Cameo but you could easily do one by hand.  I went through a tassel phase a few years ago so I dug one of them out to finish it off.



  1. This is really lovely Lynne great design and love those flowers

    jacqui x

  2. I recall BG really admired this card, Lynne - and rightly so.

  3. Brilliant Idea Lynne lovely colours I saw it on telly but looking on your blog gives a much closer look xxx

  4. Brilliant Lynne i love it xxx

  5. Lovely creation, Lynne, I love it ! xoxo

  6. Another gem of inspiration. Lovely


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