Friday, 1 March 2013

Claritystamp Catalogue

Welcome to my blog and my first project for the Clarity Stamp Challenge Blog. The theme for this month's challenge is "Anything Goes" so I thought I'd make something nice for myself for a change.  

I have been stamping for quite a while and when my collection started to grow I realised that I needed to catalogue what stamps I have; so I stamped out every single one onto sheets of A4 card. It's great to sit and look through when I'm in need of inspiration and seldom used stamps don't get completely forgotten about.

Since I started on the Clarity Design Team I've separated my Clarity stamps from the rest and given them their own catalogue. This was a boring ring binder but I felt they deserved something prettier, hence today's project.

As always, I started off by sketching out what I was going to do. I cut a piece of card the size that I wanted the cover to be (12" x 9½" - so that it fit the A4 punch pockets that I keep my pages in). The first things I stamped were the oval frames from the Letter Box kit for the title "CLARITYSTAMPS CATALOGUE". Then I just filled in the remaining space with lots of different sized boxes.  I wanted a random feel to it so I didn't measure them, but you could if you wanted to fit a specific stamp in one. To get the even borders I used a ruler with a grid on it. This made the job so much easier; again no measuring, you just line up one of the lines on the ruler with your drawn line and you have an even border.

Then the fun bit began. I sat and looked through my catalogue to decide which stamps to use. Quite a few of my recent favourites made an appearance. At this stage I decided to change the title to "CLARITYSTAMP CATALOGUE" so that I had a bit more room at the top to fit an image in (the pawprint).

I thoroughly enjoyed creating all of the little scenes. As they are so small I used a sponge and my Ink Dusters to add the colour to the backgrounds, rather than my brayer. My ProMarkers were used to colour in the images.

The covers are cut down from 12"x12" chipboard that came with my Cinch binding tool when I bought it from QVC. I covered them with black card and then glued all of the pictures on, using my plan as a guide. I decided to use book rings to hold it together, instead of my Cinch, as it will be easier to add pages to it when I get more stamps. A girl can never have enough Clarity stamps!

I did consider tying some ribbons to the book rings but decided against it as it is something that will get a lot of use and I want it to be practical.

Stamps Used
Bunny 5 (carrot drawn by me)
Toadstool  and  Puck
Labrador from Remountable Home Set

If I've missed any or you don't recognise one just ask and I'll let you know what they are.

I hope you like my project - I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Maybe do what I did and take the opportunity to make yourself something nice.

Happy stamping,



  1. I knew this had to be yours as soon as I saw it, even Maya put in an appearance. I just love it all so clever and so organised. All dt projects are so inspiring going to take ages to get round them all and then decide what to do myself xx Annie mehew

  2. I absolutely love this - so organised too x

  3. WOW Lynne this is true inspiration and I can see Barbara wanting to pinch this idea from you and sell folder to house her stamps. What a great way to keep all of your stamps in one place and to showcase your favourites :-)

    xx Sazzle xx

    1. Wow Lynnne this is stunning...I knew it was yours as soon as I saw it. Love it. xxx

  4. So much effort and detail here!! Great idea - I am afraid my catalogue is in a boring old black ringbinder you have given me a kick up xx

  5. Wonderful Lynne, so clever, you will be inspired each time you look at it.

  6. Such a clever idea, fab design too - love it x

  7. Fantastic Lynne very clever could do with you making one for me lol xx

  8. I absolutely love all of the design team samples but this is without doubt my favourite. I love everything you do, Lynne. The way you compose all the little images.

    It's a fab idea and I think I'll give it a go!

  9. Lynne, I always find your work so inspirational and this is no exception, it's fantastic xx

  10. OH Lynne you have to take top marks for this project! It is absolutely stunning and its like a little piece of loads of Cards which I know is what you intended it to look like! How Fabulous though...Barbara will be after you doing one for her!!! So much inspiration for everyone! xx

  11. Lynne beautiful as always, but this looks extra special, what a wonderful way to catalogue all those wonderful stamps x

  12. Such a good idea Lynne and so beautiful x

  13. I do love that project. You have taken yours a little further than me. I have just finished cataloguing all my stamps, and like you, I have separated all my Clarity stamps from the others and put them in their boxes close to my working space. I have not coloured mine in, but, when I get time, I might do that. thank you fro sharing your inspiration with us. xx Maggie

  14. Oh Lynne, you really do create some spectacular artwork. This is beautiful. x

  15. Lynne this is absolutely Stunning.....I love your work but this really does take it to another level......truly Inspirational....I can see you on the t.v. Next......Hugs. X


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