Friday, 15 March 2013

Maya the Easter Bunny Scrapbook Page

I always know that every single one of my cards probably won't get shown but it's hard not to be disappointed when your favourite doesn't. It probably isn't the most inspiring technically........

........but who can resist a cute doggy photo? I may be biased, but I think Maya looks so cute in her bunny ears!

I took the photo last Easter as I had some gorgeous K&Company Easter papers that I wanted to use.  I haven't actually finished that page yet (it's sat in my Work in Progress box) but when I saw the Clarity Easter Egg stamps I knew I could do something similar with those.

I stamped the eggs onto some of the K&Company papers and coloured the details in with my ProMarkers. The grass is cut on my Cameo. The Chocolate Easter Bunny text is done on my computer.

You can probably guess that Maya is actually looking up at Hubby holding a bribe treat, but I like the way it now looks like she is staring at her name.

It is just a bit of fun but it shows you how versatile Clarity stamps are, how good Maya can be (if there's something in it for her!), and possibly how bonkers I am!

Stamps Used
MAYA stamped using the Letter Box Set

Now for some more cuteness.

Here's the reason that I waited until today to do this post - I was in Sainsbury's a couple of weeks ago when I saw some Red Nose Day Deely Boppers (who else remembers then from the eighties?). I think a nose would have been pushing it a bit far but how could I resist those?

As today is Red Nose Day I thought I'd share this photo too. You can probably see that we're getting better at taking them; Hubby was holding the bribe treat right above the lens this time so she's actually looking at the camera! I wonder what I will find for her to wear next? 

Happy Red Nose Day. 

Lynne and Maya


  1. Ah at last we get to see Maya's scrapbook page I think it is gorgeous and as you say it shows the versatility of Clarity stamps. i know I was disappointed not to see more of the samples on tv that Sunday, you ladies work so hard, and I know that I have seen stamps and thought they weren't for me until I saw what you ladies have done with them. Love the deeley boppers, Maya is such a great model xxx :) Annie

  2. What have you been doing to that poor dog Lynne (he he he). great pics and I love the layout xx

  3. I love your scrapbook page and I love your doggie! Spike (our scruffy yorkie) is sending sympathetic woofs as he knows just how she feels, as he's been through lots of photo sessions himself, santa suit, yellow mac and souwester, superman outfit.....need I say more?! xx


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