Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Decorated Mirrors

Who lives in a house like this?  Me!

I like doing lots of different crafts and can't resist putting my own stamp on things. Like a lot of crafters I love the Malma mirrors from Ikea. They are really cheap and have a lovely wide frame that's perfect for embellishing.

For this one I used Stampbord. It's a great surface to stamp on as it is lovely and smooth and doesn't buckle.

I chose a few different sized pieces and laid them roughly in place to make sure I had enough.

I then used Alcohol Inks to colour the tiles, dabbing them on with the foam applicator.

Then came the fun part of choosing the stamps. I used a variety of different brands but Clarity, Chocolate Baroque, Tim Holtz and the free ones that you get with Craft Stamper magazine feature heavily.

Once I'd done all of the stamping I had the rather tedious task of triple embossing them all. That took a while! If you look at the first photo you can see that the colours changed a bit when I did that (for once it's not my photography!). The gold isn't as visible as it was and it took on a more yellow hue. They ended up looking like real glazed tiles though.

I stuck the tiles to the frame with Aleene's Tacky Glue. It seems to have worked well as I made it two years ago and none of them have fallen off!

I was really pleased with how it turned out and it now hangs next to my front door.

Living in an Army quarter the decor leaves a lot to be desired (think woodchip wallpaper and magnolia paint) so I couldn't resist getting my Cameo and some vinyl out and giving a few things the Lynne treatment.

This is the mirror in my bedroom. The sentiment is particularly true when I look in it first thing in the morning!  lol

I probably should have dressed up for the photo but I'm meant to be doing housework today. As usual I've ended up on here instead.  Oops!

It also makes me laugh as you can sit on the toilet at the other end of the hall and see that you're "Gorgeous!". I know, it doesn't take a lot to amuse me! Although you've probably guessed that already if you've been reading my blog for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!

This one is in my downstairs toilet. It was cut on my Cricut from the Paper Pups cartridge and does indeed make me smile when I look in it. 

After I'd finished with those I couldn't resist giving my own mirrors the same treatment.

This one is in the guest bedroom. It's the one that Hubby keeps all of his uniform etc. in so I made this one for him. "Happy Wife - Happy Life". 

I made him the gold star after he'd been on a course as he had such a glowing report.  :)

Finally this one is in the kitchen. It's just above the cooker so I can stand stirring things on the hob and the crown sits on my head! 

So far I've managed to resist the large mirror that hangs above the fire in the living room...............



  1. Love Stampboard but I can't believe you pieced them all together to make your mirror .. it's hours of work , but the end result is worth it, what a beautiful unique mirror. xxx Annie

  2. Love what you did with the mirrors Lynne and such a funny blog. Thanks for the inspiration and the laughs.

  3. Love your mirror treatment Lynne. Had a good laugh, reading your blog.


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