Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Walk In The Countryside Card

I like making cards like this...

....where the scene tells a story.

Lily is having a fun time flying her kite and Laurel is out for a lovely country walk with her dog. This led me to a dilemma - I thought that Laurel was perfect to use with the dog as with her outstretched arms she looks like she's calling her. The problem with this is that the dog stamp is facing the wrong way. I first thought of colouring the dog chocolate and renaming Laurel, Lynne. I would be standing there frantically trying to get Maya's attention and she would be running off thinking "I've not quite finished yet, there's something interesting over here.  I'll be back in a minute". In the end I decided to use my Splodge mat and reverse the dog. As it was paler than the rest of the images I then went around the outline of it with a fine black pen. Problem solved.

I always email photos of my cards to Mum and Dad when I've made them. I call them my Design Team as they often have ideas for me and give me lots of feedback. Their verdict on this one was "It's not one of your better efforts". When it was on TV Barbara and Dean were talking and the camera was focussed on it for quite a while. This made me laugh as I knew Mum and Dad would be watching!

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  1. Such a lovely card Lynne and thanks for the tip about the dog, the splodge mat and the fine pen.

  2. Ha ha ha ha I saw the picture and instantly thought of you and Maya then I read the words. I like this Lynne never mind what Mum and Dad said xx


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