Saturday, 27 July 2013

Colourful Hot Air Ballon Card and ATC

Like everyone, sometimes I struggle for ideas for my cards.

I had a friend's birthday card to make and I just couldn't think of what to do. Luckily I also had an ATC to make and it then gave me the idea for this card. The ATC theme was "Colour", so I got out all of my Memento ink pads and created a colourful patchwork. It took me quite a while to do but once I'd finished it I wasn't that keen on it, so I started again.

I love making scenes with the ballon stamps and thought a grey background with a rainbow coloured balloon would fit the theme.

I was really pleased with how it turned out and thought it would also make a lovely card for my friend. Problem solved!

This is the patchwork one. It made me laugh as I sent them both off for the swap and I think the recipient preferred this one! Which one is your favourite?

Stamps Used


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  1. Hi Lynne, love the card and perfect for male or female....both ATC's are brilliant and yes you are right I loved the second one....where as Karl had the first one as his favourite...have a good weekend. Jo. X


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