Saturday, 13 July 2013

Rainbow Gelli Print Card

For this card I thought I'd have a go at trying to create a rainbow Gelli print.

It wasn't easy as there's a fine line between spreading the paint out evenly and muddying the colours. I was quite pleased with how it turned out though.  

The diamond came about as I was using the 7 x 7" Leafy Swirl stencil.  I wanted to get the maximum amount of colours that I could in so I used it diagonally.

I also wanted the Gelli print to be the main focal point of the card, so I just added some matching stamped black swirls, a couple of die cuts and gems. I wasn't happy with it though so I ended up adding the sentiment that you can see in the final version at the top. Although it covers up some of the print I think it looks a lot better.

Stamps Used

The Gelli Plate, Leafy Swirl stamps and stencil are what Barbara Gray will be using on the next In the Classroom with Barbara Gray show on Create and Craft TV. It's on Saturday 3rd August at 11am. Can you believe it will be the 19th Lesson?  Hasn't time flown! If you want to stamp along everything can be bought on the Create and Craft website. I wonder what Barbara will do with them?



  1. Gorgeous, I love the rainbow colours, I must get those swirly stamps x

  2. OH MY WORD can I say gorgeous?? The gelli print diamond really makes it pop. A proper stunner Lynne.

    Lin xx

  3. What a brilliant idea Lynne - I love the way you've managed to get the rainbow effect.
    A must try technique I think!!

  4. Lynne that is truly beautiful work x

  5. Lovely effect, Lynne. I love the gelli rainbow x

  6. "mud" is a very good description of my own efforts with the gelli plate so far... *sigh*

    this is gorgeous!

  7. This is lovely Lynne - I have been waiting for you to blog this card to get a closer look and the result?....fantastic x

  8. Really love the colours, Lynne. Just got a Gelli plate so I'll give this a go.


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