Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sketched Lady Gelli Print Card

This is the second of my Sketched Lady cards from Maria Simms' Clarity Take 2 show.

I made it (with Mum's help) back in June after we'd been to see Barbara at the Stamp Magic show in Doncaster. I was still very new at Gelli printing and keen to watch Barbara's demos. We went straight to the Clarity stand to watch Barbara in action. I had already realised that I had been using too much paint and watching her demo confirmed this.

After we'd been around the show we went back to say goodbye and Barbara was just starting another Gelli demo. I found myself mesmerised again and it was some time before we left!

I was so inspired that I got my Gelli plate out as soon as I got home. Mum was my coach telling me when I wasn't doing what Barbara did and what I should be doing! Anyway, it was a lot of fun and we ended up with this.

One of the things that Barbara said was how she likes the white border that gives it the printed look when you use the 6 x 6" plate. I have the larger 8 x 10" one so I cut myself an aperture that I could print through and create the same look.

Once I'd created the main print the lady needed a fab outfit to match.......

......so I created a co-ordinating print to cut her clothes from.

Très chic!

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  1. This is a very nice card.It in nice to hear that you listen to your mum (Some times) Hope you can remember what see told you. (To let the brayer spin at each end.)

  2. Love the colours on this Lynne, darn it another stamp for my wish list! x

  3. Great Gelli work Lynne....love the colours...and when your Mum has a spare few hours...please can she come and coach me....x

  4. That's a great card Lynne and fab Gelli plate work!!! Love those colours together! X

  5. Gorgeous card Lynne ! Love the colours too. x


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