Thursday, 17 October 2013

From Little Acorns.....

What's everyone got planned for today? I hope it's something nice. I've had a few days off from crafting and plan to get back to it today. Next month's samples won't make themselves!

This one was Hubby's favourite from this month, as he kept telling me at every available opportunity! You may be thinking "Isn't that lovely" but this is why.................

......I'd been sat in my craft room all afternoon planning some cards and was particularly pleased with this one, especially the idea of using one of the framer stamps with a large "O" to make the word "Oak". Hubby comes in from work and I proudly show it to him. He looked at it and said "Or you could say from little acorns".

After a bit of thought I grudgingly had to admit his idea was better than mine (Ooh it's so hard to type that!) and went with his version. However, as I keep reminding him, he wouldn't have thought of that if he hadn't seen mine first!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those of you who are FB friends with me will probably have an idea of what we're like and know that this could go on for some time......................

Anyway, back to the card which is what you're really interested in.

As you can see from my plan I used a couple of Spellbinders dies - Labels Five and Grand Labels Eleven to cut out the shapes, then I used my Cameo to cut out the mats and base card.

You may have noticed that the tree looks slightly different in the finished card. Well Hubby also pointed out that the trunk didn't look very oak-like, so I used the top and mantle of the smaller tree in the set with the trunk of the largest one.

The solid stamp in the set is used to colour in the oak leaves. I first inked it up with Adirondack Lettuce, then added some Meadow around the edge. This gave them a lovely vibrant green colour which I thought was a nice change form the autumnal colours I usually use.

Before I go, if you fancy a bit more Clarity, Barbara Gray now has her own blog. You can find it here.

Happy stamping.

Stamps Used
Noel Frame (although you can use any of the "O" framers)



  1. That is such a clever idea Lynne, I don't think it would ever cross my mind . Its lovely.

  2. It is a great idea but I know what you mean Lynne it kind of sticks in the throat to go with an idea of someone else's....but you have done a great job on both versions ...xxxx

  3. More stamps that I need, lovely card, both ideas are lovely x

  4. ha ha ha ha I can hear the convo in my head between you two but of course it was you who came up with the original idea. and both cards are fab xx

  5. lovely Lynne, although i think your version was just as good. to be truthful i prefer it xx

  6. Great inspiration Lynne, I like Oak myself but both are lovely xx

  7. Great card ...ok so it was a joint effort but the original idea was yours and I loved it. Also loved seeing your planning and thought process saves a lot of trial runs xxxAnnie

  8. Thanks ladies. I'm going to have to show Hubby these comments! lol x


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