Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Monochrome Lacy Curve Card

As Theresa and Linda very kindly said they liked this one I thought it would be a good place to start.

It's one of those cards that's really simple but has to be done very carefully to look good. It uses the scary combination of white embossing powder on black card and black powder on white card. You have to be really careful with this or you will end up with a right mess!

To avoid that I was careful not to get sweaty fingerprints all over the card and I used an anti-static bag rather liberally before I stamped with Versamark.  I still managed to get a few stray specks of embossing powder though, so they were carefully brushed away before I heated the powder.

When it was cool I used a microfibre cloth to remove the remains of the anti-static powder.

I cut the black card following the angle of the top of the stamp and placed this on top of the white card. That was then cut into a rectangle. Now I just had to figure out how to make it into a card...........

My usual favourite of a thin black mat wasn't going to work, so I tried placing it on all sorts of bright colours - red, pink, lime green etc. It just didn't look right, then I had the idea of reversing the top layer - Perfect! I stuck another piece of black card on some white before sticking the stamped piece on top, making sure that it all lined up. I then cut it out leaving an even border.

Keeping the simplicity of it all I just added three white pearls and 3 black gems to finish it off.


It kept getting shown like this on TV but I think I prefer it how I intended it to be. Which do you prefer?

Stamp Used
Lacy Curve form the Remountable Patterns Set



  1. thanks for posting this card Lynne - I had a sneaky suspicion that this was what you had done so a massive round of applause for the no speckles - its a great card xx

  2. I love monochromatic cards Lynne and this one is a brilliant one....and the frame finishes it off to perfection....as to which way it looks best . I really can't make up my mind....I love them both...Jo. X

  3. Thanks for posting this one Lynne. i really love it. like you say the concept is simple but then the simple ones are sometimes the more difficult to achieve. it is so effective. also like the geometric feel to it xx

  4. Wow Lynne this is amazing. It's the sort of technique that has the adrenalin pumping in case all your hardwork is wasted. Not for the feint hearted!



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