Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My Original Four Seasons Card

What a busy week it's been. Mum and Dad have gone home after a lovely week here. We all had a fab time, especially at the GNPE. It's always great to catch up with the Clarity team and Mum and I came home with lots of new ideas and a few new crafty goodies.

With so long between the Clarity TV shows this month I'm running out of things to post, so it's a real blast from the past today.

July 2013
This card is based on my first ever Four Seasons topper.  It was inspired by Lesson 2 of In The Classroom With Barbara Gray - The Split Tree. Can you believe it was about two years ago? Hasn't time flown! I made it for a topper swap that I took part in. The idea was that we all made a topper, posted it to someone else who made it into a card and they posted it to the next person.

October 2011
This is the original topper that I made. It's a mini version of the trees from the lesson all put together as a sheet of postage stamps. I can't tell you how many times it took me to get the stamps all joined up, even then it wasn't perfect. That part of the 2013 version is a lot better!

Anyway, for some reason my topper never got made into a card. Back in July it came up again in conversation and I had the idea of doing it myself. 

I wanted to keep the new version pretty much the same as the original but as you can see I made a couple of small changes. I don't know why but I got Spring and Summer the wrong way round on the first one, so I changed that. I also changed the colour of the ground in Autumn as I couldn't remember what ink pad I'd used.

I kept the making up of the card really simple as I always do. How someone else would have made it up was one of the things I was looking forward to seeing when we did the original swap. 

Anyway, it may have taken nearly two years for the recipient to get her card but better late than never!

Whilst I'm feeling nostalgic here are my trees from Lesson two that I made along with Barbara. If someone had told me then that I'd end up on the Design Team I wouldn't have believed them!  You never know what the future holds.......

Stamps Used
Lesson 2 - Split Tree Set



  1. what a super idea Lynne, it's gorgeous! x

  2. Ah yes we have all come on a long journey since then ....but your cards are lovely and offer inspiration to many. Myself included xxx

  3. Lovely to hear how this idea originated Lynne and such a great design xx

  4. Boy I couldn't imagine this team without you!! Your work always inspires me Lynne (nope, no insult to follow this time) x I love your trees and the different seasons and I am looking forward to this weekends viewings. Samxx

  5. I really like this card Lynne, its gorgeous.

  6. i love this design and am in awe of how you managed to line up those stamps. i'm sure i couldn't do it! xx

  7. this is great Lynne but TWO YEARS omg where has the time gone ? not long now till weekend xx


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