Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Squiggles and Rocky Block - Part 1

I certainly had a lot of fun making this card!

I know with Gelli prints you're sort of meant to go with the flow but I'm not very good at that. I usually have an idea of what I'd like to achieve and tend to keep printing until I get it!

I wanted to use the Squiggles and Rocky Block stencils together but I couldn't get a print I was totally happy with. So I kept on printing.

These are the rejects! 

I tried different colours, with and without an aperture, but I just wasn't sure about any of them.

I eventually ended up with a print I was happy with and the colour scheme led me to this western style card. Clarity have a fab "Follow Your Dreams" stamp that I thought would finish it off perfectly (the squiggly line reminds me of a path that has to be followed). 

Unfortunately I didn't have it, so I had to write it in by hand. 

I managed to rectify that at the NEC and used it to make a very similar card for my father-in-law's birthday.

Ooh I've waffled on today. I think I'll make this Part 1 and blog the other card made from this printing session next time.

Stamps Used

Stencils Used



  1. This is great Lynne - I know what you mean re the gelli - I have had mine out this afternoon - I love playing but seldom seem to get what I am after - must keep trying lol anyway back to this card and the one for your FIL the are both lovely . Did you get the paths by using a fine liner xx

    1. Thanks Linda. Do you mean the "paths" on the Gelli print? That is the Clarity Squiggles stencil. It follows the sections of the Rocky Block stencil. x

  2. Great backgrounds using the two new stencils, great cards for male themed cards xx


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