Friday, 29 November 2013

Storage Idea for Claritystamp Stencils

Just a quickie today but I thought this might be worth sharing.

I only really started my stencil collection when Clarity started making them and I needed somewhere to store them. I haven't got the patience to put them neatly away in their packaging each time so they all got piled up in a 12 x 12 storage box. This was fine when I only had a few but when my collection grew it wasn't so good. They got tangled up and I couldn't easily see what I had. I was thinking it was a shame they wouldn't fit in A4 punch pockets, then I had an idea.

Like most crafters I've lots of things lying around waiting to be used. One of those is scrapbooks (I used to do quite a bit of it but it's been neglected lately) and they are a perfect stencil storage solution. Plus they look pretty in my craft room.

The 9 x 11 inch ones fit in a 12 x 12 album...........

..........and the 7 x 7 inch ones fit in an 8.5 x 8.5 inch one. I think that size is unique to K & Co. who make these albums but an 8 x 8 one would also work.

The smaller 4 x 4 inch ones will fit in a 6 x 6 album. 

I also have spare pages and extender posts so they should keep me going for a while, although my collection is growing quite rapidly..............

It's nearly the weekend so there's only one more sleep until Barbara is on TV (I'm going shopping today so hopefully I will be watching on my new telly) and two until the launch of a new Challenge on the Claritystamp Challenge Blog. Appropriately for this post, my project for this month features one of the Clarity stencils. I hope you'll be back to take a look. If you haven't yet entered this month's challenge you have until 8pm on Saturday to do so. There's a £50 Claritystamp voucher for the winner (chosen at random) so it's well worth entering.  x



  1. Good thinking Lynne and they look pretty too. Thanks for the tip, looking forward to seeing you great samples as usual.

  2. Good idea Lynne, how weird I was thinking of storage solutions for this only last night, I was going to make a Tote Bag - well knickers to that !! I will now nip to TK Max and get a few of these albums. See always hang around with a logical thinker. How come your stencils look so pretty!!! Sam xx

  3. Great idea Lynne thanks for sharing. Xx

  4. Great idea, thanks for the tip

  5. Brilliant idea Lynne.....I may just have to borrow it....have a good weekend and looking forward to the shows...Jo. X

  6. Brilliant - and I have the very same albums waiting!

  7. Great tip, Lynne ... never expected to be an avid collector of stencils ..but they are starting to take over my craftroom. I also happen to have a collection of scrapbooks which were waiting to be filled so I am a happy bunny :) A couple of these scrapbooks were bought cheaply at The Works. xx

  8. Brilliant idea Lynne! I have them in a clarity folder in A4 plastic pocket!

  9. I have these two albums on my pile of stuff. Great idea

  10. Hi Lynne, great idea! At present I have mine in A4 pockets in a large folder but of course the 9 x 11 doesn't fit...I have resorted to taping the original packaging for the big one to the inside of the hard cover, but of course this comes loose everytime I take it out. So I think I will be converting to the albums. Ta for the tip. Have a good weekend xx

  11. very clever idea. you do have answers for everything xx


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