Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Woodpecker Gelli Print Card

Yay, my Clarity samples are now in the post ready for this weekend's TV shows so I can relax a bit. It's been such a busy week!

I'm now doing my post-sample making craft room tidy-up. It's a bit more exciting than usual though - we're looking at buying a bigger TV for the living room so the old 32" one will be going in my craft room. Exciting!

The last card I blogged was my Woodpecker Card that was stencilled using just part of the Lone Tree Stencil.

This one uses the whole stencil and the Gelli plate.

The Gelli print was done in the same way as my Gelli Print Country Scene.............

......however this time I covered up the sky so that I had a clean area for inking the clouds. It gives a very different look to it.

I must confess that I did cheat a little with the woodpecker and he was stamped on a separate piece of card and stuck on.

I coloured a piece of card for the border with the same colour red ProMarker that I used on the bird. That way you don't have to worry about matching colours.

Now that my samples are made I really must start on my personal Christmas cards; I still haven't made a single one yet. Don't tell anyone but I was out shopping with my friend Connie yesterday and I was looking at them in the shops. I didn't actually buy any but it might yet come to that (I can't believe I just admitted that).

Lynne goes off to apologise to all of her beautiful Christmas stamps..................

Stamps and Stencils Used
Lesson 22 - Woodpecker Set



  1. Oh lynne you do make me laugh when I read your posts. Lovely artwork, I've just received the lone tree stencil in my recent happy post, can't wait to play with it. Thanks for the inspiration xx

  2. stunning cards and I love what you have done with the gelli and stencils, thank you for your kind comments and for visiting my blog, looking forward to the shows at the weekend will have to record them so I can watch in peace later!!


  3. how are the Christmas stamps then? have they stopped sulking yet? lovely card as ever and very clever. have fun making your Christmas cards xx


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