Saturday, 7 June 2014

Ploughing The Fields

It's another wet day here. I totally confused Maya this morning by taking her out really early. It was lovely then but the forecast was right and it's been raining pretty much since we got back. I've had a totally lazy day watching the rest of Season 2 of OITNB on Netflix (I may have had a pretty lazy day yesterday too. Oops!). Netflix is a bit like a box of chocolates - I'l just watch one more.................... before you know it the whole series has gone. I won't spoil it, in case you haven't watched it, but the ending was fab!!!!!

In my previous post I shared a card I'd made using the Ploughed Field stencil as grass.

Today I thought I'd share the card I made where I used it as it was intended - as ploughed fields for the Remountable Plough Set. Together they create a beautiful bygone scene.

I stamped the horses first then masked them off so that I could create the scene around them.

I attached the stencil with a hinge made of masking tape.

The fields were created with three shades of brown Distress Ink, a Clarity stencil brush and a sponge. I masked off each section of the fields so that I could work on them separately.

The sponge helped me get some texture to the soil.

On the previous card I stamped the verse on the base card and then cut it out after. With this card, I cut a separate piece of card, stamped the verse on it and stuck it in position with Removable Herma tape.  I then created the clouds, removed it, added a brown mat and stuck it back on again.

When I'd finished the scene I coloured the horses and farmer in with watercolour pencils.

That's it, I guess I'd better go and do some of the things I should have been doing the last couple of days. Bad Netflix!

Stamps and Stencils Used


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  1. Hi Lynne, this scene is just perfect and I love your did make me smile as I can just imagine you telling naughty Netflix off...hope you and Maya have had a good day...hugs. X


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