Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Wooden Horse

This is the last of my samples from this month's Claritystamp show. It's also my favourite.

It's one of those that I call a labour of love as there was quite a bit of masking.

I taped the stencil in place and then masked off each square with Post-its so that I didn't contaminate the adjoining ones. I then used make-up sponges and Distress Inks to colour in the squares.

When all of the squares were coloured I removed the stencil and again masked off each individual square.............

 ...............so that I could stamp the wooden Horse through to create the pattern. I prefer to do it this way, rather than through the stencils (which are thicker), as it's easier to get the pattern right up to the edge.

This was taking forever but luckily I soon came up with a quicker way. 

I made apertures for each colour on a sheet of copy paper (I drew around the shapes with a pencil and cut them out with a craft knife). It made the job a lot easier. 

Eventually I ended up with this. As I don't have a very steady hand I put the stencil back in place to draw in the black outlines.

I did quite like it as it was but I thought it was better with the horse as it shows where the pattern comes from.

Stamps and Stencils Used

Back to making next month's cards. 



  1. Fantastic Lynne, so clever to use the pattern on the horse like that. Amazing amount of work, but an incredible piece of art.

  2. Beautiful, the result was well worth all that effort

  3. so beautifully executed. i love it on it's own best. fabby xx

  4. Whilst I like the one with the horse, I personally think the one without the horse is better. I love this version. Great the way you have used the pattern in each square. And an excellent tip for quicker masking too! x

  5. This is awesome Lynne and so much work, but well worth it...looking forward to seeing your Christmas cards....hugs...x


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