Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Seasonal Cottages

I do love this new cottage stamp from Clarity. It's the sort of house I'd like to own. The only way that's likely to happen though is if I win the £95 million on the Euromillions tonight and I think we all know how likely that is! Still, I did win £8.80 on the last draw - I could buy the Small Cottage & Hedge stamps with that and still have some left over.

For these cards I used the Large Cottage and Hedge stamps. 

I thought it would be fun to do the same scene in two different seasons. A beautiful wintery scene for a Christmas card and a bright summer scene for a congratulations card (I was thinking it could be for a new house but it would be equally suitable for a lottery win!).

I chose the Remountable Winter Trees stamps for this project as you can use them with or without their mantles. Perfect for creating different seasons.

For the winter/Christmas version I kept the trees bare and created a snowy look with lots of glitter. For once I managed to resist the temptation to add snowmen and Father Christmas in his sleigh - I wanted to keep it quite simple and pretty much the same as the summer one.

For the summer one I added a bright yellow sun and vibrant green grass. I added the mantles to the trees in the same vibrant green. It's actually looking quite like that here in North Yorkshire today.  Beautiful!

Stamps Used



  1. As soon as I saw these cards I knew they were your Lynne...beautiful work as always....and I love the seasonal contrasts....hugs...Jo. X

  2. i love both versions. really cool especially wintry one. that's what planted the seed to get these cottages xx


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