Sunday, 3 August 2014

Chase Your Dreams

Well it was another fab show with Barbara today. As always I learnt something useful and was totally enthralled by her demos.

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you for the lovely comments about my samples on Facebook.

I thought I'd blog this one first as it comes with a funny "Stupid Lynne Moment" (or two).

My initial idea was based upon the outline being black............

....but this is the mess I ended up with. After seeing Barbara's demo today I now know that the stencil needs to be clean for the ink to stick and I need to put much more on. Thanks Barbara.

Anyway, I gave up on that and decided to do the inside black instead.

I used Cut and Dry foam and Stazon ink to make sure it was really black. I put the re-inker on the foam and squished it on the ink pad to distribute the ink before inking through the stencil.

I printed out some beautiful patterned paper to use as the base (a download bought from the Silhouette Store). It looks textured even though it's printed on perfectly smooth paper.

Do you want to see something funny?

After inking I ended up with this masterpiece...................Oops! I am so used to reversing text when Gelli printing that I did it for this too.

Want to see something even funnier?

I did it the second time too! Thankfully I realised my mistake a lot earlier that time.

Luckily I got there in the end.

I did discover something useful that I thought I'd share - If you put the line sentiments on one of these style rulers it really helps with getting them straight. 

It also works with this star (I've messed up several cards by putting that on wonky!). That's probably just me though.......................

Stamps and Stencils Used



  1. Lovely lyn, great tip re the ruler , fab DT samples :-)

  2. simple ideas are the best. thanks for that ruler tip. so good to know.i struggle to get them straight and try o align them on the glass cutting mat normally xx


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