Saturday, 16 August 2014

Christmas Place Cards

Hi all. Wasn't Thursday fab! Barbara and her team must have worked so hard to bring the One Day Wonder to our screens and now they will all be working hard to get the personalised stamps made. It's a great idea though and I'm really pleased with mine.

It made me laugh when Leonie said to Barbara that she would have herself and her dogs on hers and Barbara pointed out that I'd done the same. I couldn't leave Maya out though as I do always put her name on our Christmas cards.

I also included her in this set.

She may not sit down at the table but she does always get her own Christmas dinner.

The ornate black part is cut with a Spellbinders Fancy Tags Two die and I sized the base to fit it. I cut mine on my Cameo but you could do it without.

As we are three there was a little icon in the set for each of us. The stamping is all done in black Archival. I added a little bit of shading under the robin and holly and a little bit of red to the berries. So simple but I do like them.

At least at home we won't have to worry about hiding them when we sit down. That's always the first thing to do when in the Mess. If you don't they get grabbed and have rude messages put on them. They're then sent down to the boss who reads them out; it can be very embarrassing!

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  1. great idea Lynne. they did stand out on the telly. haven't decided what to put on mine yet. xx

  2. These are fabulous Lynne, and the shows were amazing with lots of great Art work...ans I you know I do love to see photos of Maya...x


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