Sunday, 10 August 2014

Groovy Birthday Party Invitation

Morning all. I hope you're having a relaxing weekend. I think a lot of us will probably be spending it crafting as the weather is so awful. I have lots to do but no oomph at the moment. It was the Officers' Mess Summer Ball last night and it was a good one! Maya doesn't really understand though and still had me up at 7.30 this morning. Bless her!

I've chosen this card to blog today as it was partly inspired by last night's do.

It was Western themed, so fancy dress was on my mind when I made it. The Funky Foliage stamp looked very 1960's to me and I had a "You're invited" stamp so it had to be done.

I had some fab brightly coloured paper in my stash so that gave me the colour scheme. I just stamped the foliage out in black Archival and coloured it in with Spectrum Noir pencils that matched the colours in the paper.

The insert was printed out on my computer and I repeated the stamped design at the bottom. 

Groovy baby!

I really hope I'm making sense today..................I need more coffee!!!!!!!!!!!

Stamps Used



  1. One of my favourite ever cards of your Lynne - don't know why, just the combination of the layout and the colours maybe. Groovy Baby!

  2. Yes Lynne really groovy....and it looked fab on the tv the insert we often neglect that part...looks like you had a great party last night....I loved your costumes....enjoy your Sunday ...and some rest ....x

  3. Love this and these stamps are top of my to buy list. Fab colouring, must get the SN crayons xx

  4. love the colouring on this. spot on xx

  5. Really a pretty invitation. I think one of the perfect event space will be best suitable for my son's success party and birthday all together. All his friends will be given DIY invitations and return gifts. Looking for great menu ideas liked by children. My husband suggested me to invite parents of kids too.


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