Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Cool Yule Jumper

Hi everyone. Mum and Dad have just gone home after a week up here. It was great fun and we got to do some crafty things together. We went to the GNPE, Harrogate on Saturday, watched Sunday's Claritystamp show on Create and Craft and made next month's Claritystamp Challenge Blog project (using something I bought at the GNPE).

I thought I'd start with my jumper card from Sunday's show as it was such a fun one to make. I can see that everyone else thought the same as it sold out so quickly. Sazzle's and Kelly's Dave and Barb jumpers did make me smile. I think I might personalise a few for Christmas cards.

I started off by creating the background. This is done with Red Geranium Archival Ink and nearly went horribly wrong!

I started at the bottom with the Christmas trees, then I drew in a pencil line as a guide and stamped the zigzag.

I continued like this until I had covered it all - I was so chuffed that I managed it in one go with no inky fingerprints or smudged bits! Because of this I was extra cautious and heat set it as well as leaving it overnight before I rubbed out the pencil lines.

Fast forward 24 hours and cue lots of very bad words.

Despite my precautions, it was smudging. I couldn't believe it! It was the first time I've used this colour but I've never had a problem with any others. Luckily it wasn't too obvious (just a pale pink glow rather than an obvious red smudge) so I just continued really carefully, cleaning my eraser after every rub. I got there in the end but I won't be doing it in that colour again!

Next up was the jumper. I cut that out of red card and masked off the arms when I was working on the body and vice versa. The stamping was done in Versamark ink and heat embossed with white detail powder. I curved the zigzag stamp for the bit below the neck.

It took a while but I got there in the end.

It made me smile when we were in Marks and Spencer's just after Sunday's show and saw this. Do you think it would suit me?

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  1. Fab jumper can't believe that it still smudged a day later mind you red is a bad colour to get off your hands too. Sounds like you've had a great week x

  2. Fantastic card, I reckon you could get, away with this jumper lol xx

  3. Wonderful card, Lynne. I can't believe it smudged after all that time! Lucky you got away with it. If I'm being honest, I prefer your jumper to the M&S one

  4. stunning card. i'm quite surprised it smudged after all that time and heat setting! i'm sure you could get away with wearing that jumper.... xx

  5. Love this! Can you tell me what you do to take stamps off their handles? Do they just peel off? Like you I have 5 large boxes and no more room!
    Also have you found a way to stop acetate sheets of stamps sticking to the next one? I would be very grateful

    1. Thanks Hilary. The newer the stamp is, the easier it is to remove (the adhesive seems to set more over time), They are on a double sided film, so once you remove the stamp (I just pull them off) you need to remove the film (on most of mine this stayed on the handle part). Then it's just a case of removing the adhesive residue. I used Sticky Stuff Remover from Lakeland for this but I was told that Crafter's Companion's Stick Away works too. For stopping the sheets sticking together I use sheets of baking parchment between each layer. I hope that helps. x


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