Sunday, 19 October 2014


Hi everyone. Oops, I just noticed that it's been a week since I last wrote anything (my blogging mojo seems to have gone AWOL lately). I hope you're all keeping well. I know lots of you are off to the Stamp Magic Show at the Doncaster Dome today so I hope you enjoy it. Hubby is diving today so I'm stuck here without a car and can't go. It's probably just as well though as I have next month's Claritystamp samples to make.

This is another of this month's and explains this post's strange title.

Hubby asked what I was doing when I was making it, so I told him I was making scenery with shaving foam (and ink). He then named it "Foamery" and I thought it suited it.

My idea was to make something a bit more realistic (that's not quite the right word but I can't think of a better one at the moment) than a random shaving foam background i.e. a green grass hill and a blue cloudy sky.

I forgot to take photos of this version but I did take them on my first attempt, so these are what you're seeing next.

The first thing I did was prepare the background card for work on the sky by masking off where I wanted to put the sun and grass.

I then got a layer of shaving foam in a plastic box, added some drops of blue Alcohol Ink and swirled it around with a pokey tool. I did a lot of the swirling horizontally to add to the cloudy effect.

When I pressed the card in I was got this - my cloudy blue sky. I sponged a bright yellow sun into the masked off section I'd left for it.

I then masked off the sky and did the same sort of thing to create the grass. Only this time I used several green inks and a sort of horizontal flicking motion with the pokey tool. I thought this would look like blades of grass but Hubby pointed out that if I'd done it horizontally it would have given the effect of hills. I like my grass though. I dipped it in several times, building up the colour until I was happy with it (I wanted a more solid colour than I did for the sky). I also used some ink on a sponge to create some shadow and depth around the edges.

It's one of those things that turn out different ever time (I prefer the grass in my first attempt, as there is more detail in it, but I like the sky better in today's card), that's part of the fun though.

That's the "Foamery" part explained, now for the rest.

It's all stamped and sponged in Jet Black Archival Ink. If you have a really keen eye you may have spotted that my tree looks a bit different to the stencil..........

.........there was a bit of a gap in the top right hand corner so I added in another bird from the boy stamp.

Stamps and Stencils Used

I'd better go and walk Maya now, then I have the rest of the day to spend in my craft room. See you soon,



  1. Lovely artwork, great idea to mask areas off, I must try that x

  2. clever as always Lynne. great use of stamps xx

  3. Love the term 'foamery' - it could catch on! Brilliant cards Lynne xx


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