Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone. I've been dressing up poor Maya again!

Too cute to spook!
If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that she has quite a few headbands and I just couldn't resist adding this one to the collection.

When I first started, a couple of years ago, it took quite a few bribes and a lot of attempts to get a decent photo. However this time Hubby had the genius idea of using a ball. She LOVES a game of ball and sat there totally fixed on him holding it.........

What are you waiting for? Throw the ball!!!!!
..............even though it was a really windy day and Batty's wings were flapping about all over the place. I never thought a stuffed bat could be more uncooperative/trouble than Maya!

Luckily I got one photo where you could see both wings and Maya was really happy when she got her game of ball.

The frame is a Studio Ilustrado design bought from the Silhouette Store. The bat is from Tesco. Maya is a one off!

I hope you have a spooktacular day. I'll be back tomorrow with a new project for the Claritystamp Challenge Blog. See you then.

Lynne and Maya


  1. Happy Halloween all.....Maya I think you are so well pose for the camera so well....have a great weekend xxxx

  2. Ha Ha great Blog Lynne I enjoyed ready it, very funny. xx

  3. Its amazing how kids and pets can be bribed, brilliant!

  4. Maya, you are very kind, indulging your Mum!!


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