Sunday, 14 December 2014

Everything is Awesome

Morning all. Thanks for the get well wishes from my last post. I am feeling so much better now although I'm still disappointed that I had to miss the Christmas Ball on Friday. I had a gorgeous new dress to wear and was really looking forward to it. Hubby very kindly texted me photos throughout the evening to show me what I was missing - he is such a ***!

This is today's "Awesome" card and I thought I'd share what inspired it as people always seem to be intrigued by that.

Hubby and I are a couple of big kids and recently watched The Lego Movie (loved it!). There's a seriously catchy song in there called "Everything is Awesome" which reminded us so much of Maya. She does everything with such vigour and everything in her world is awesome, especially Hubby.

When he's due home from work she occupies her OP (Observation Post) at the front window to watch for him coming up the road. When she sees him she darts to the back door and jumps up, like the fox, until he comes in.

It was perfect that we also had the word "Awesome" in the new Word Chain set and so this card was born.

To make the card I stamped the foxes first, masked them off and created the scene around them. I used embossing powder on "Awesome" to make it stand out more. The foxes are coloured in with Spectrum Noir pencils.

I hope you have an awesome Sunday. I'm spending mine in my craft room (I'm so behind!) and Hubby has been tasked to do some h**sework (I didn't get a lot done last week). It could be an interesting day!

Stamps and Stencils Used
Awesome from Word Chain 12

Lynne and Maya


  1. Beautiful card Lynne. Love the video of Maya what a welcome home. xxx

  2. Morning Lynne, so glad that you are feeling better,,,I know what you mean about jumping ...Etic looks like he has springs on the bottom of his paws...
    Great card, so much detail and atmosphere...
    Good luck with the housework...hope Jadon has his apron on!!!! Hugs....x x

  3. Just like you said Lynne... Just AWESOME! Xxx

  4. Only one word for your card, Lynne - Awesome! , of course xxx

  5. glad you're better. loved reading about inspiration behind this card. awesome xx


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