Monday, 1 December 2014

Live, Laugh, Love

Yay! It's the 1st of December so that can only mean one thing - the start of a new challenge on the Claritystamp Challenge Blog. The theme for this month is "Trees".................

.............and this is my project. I made it to go in my spare room.

It's hard to believe that next month we will have lived here for 6 years. We have previously moved about every two years, sometimes more often. Anyway, because we've been here for so long I've been having a clear-out.

One of the items to go were the bookcases from my spare room (there was one where the chest of drawers with the lamp on it now is and one where the ottoman is). The room looks lot less cluttered but it did leave the walls looking rather bare.

When I saw the Heart Butterfly Ladder Frame in The Range for £6.99 I thought it was perfect for one of them. I do love making cards but it's always nice to make something useful that you can keep.

I picked an ink pad to match the room (Adirondack Raisin) and it's all done with that. I used second generation ink to get the paler stamped colour. The backgrounds are created with my Claritystamp stencil brush and a make-up sponge. Very Clarity!

It was perfect timing that the "Live Laugh Love" stamp arrived when I was making it (it's October's New Design Club stamp). It was designed by the very talented Dee Paramour and I love it.

This was the most fiddly section as I masked off the lettering to keep it white.

The final heart features my favourite Meadow Dance stamp. I think it goes so well with Dee's words.

It was just a cheap frame but I'm really pleased with it and it's brightened up my magnolia wood chip walls (standard decor in any Army quarter!). Now I just need something to go on the wall above the ottoman................maybe that could be a future blog project......

I hope you like it and I look forward to seeing your projects. Trees are a staple item in the Claritystamp collection so there's lots to choose from and I'm sure everyone has at least one in their collection. Don't forget that there's a £50 Claritystamp voucher for the winner. It's chosen at random so it's well worth having a go.

Congratulations to the winner and top 5 of the "Travel" challenge. There were so many clever cards and November's New Design Club stamp "Santa's Car", made several appearances. Naomi and Sam have used it their projects for this month too as there's a tree in the boot. It is a fab stamp. I wonder what this month's will be? It's always so exciting when it pops through the door.

The stamps I've used are all available at Claritystamp.



  1. Morning Lynne, I do love this project and you are right it is great to create a piece of art to hang on the wall and have inspired my to have a go and to tidy my spare room....thanks.....and hugs,

  2. Beautiful piece of Art as usual Lynne, that colour a perfect lift for the wall. I can see many offers to have in take residence in other homes. xxxx

  3. Hi Lynne, I love your project for your room. I had to have a little smile though, go back and look at your photo - how on earth did you get it from that height??? the reason I had a chuckle? because it looks like a room "Selfie" ! xxx Sam

  4. Lynne this is soo lovely and it looks fab on the wall isn't it amazing it never fails using monochrome always so elegant xx here's hoping this comment works as I am having mega problems with blogger today

  5. Beautiful project Lynne and how lovely to use it for your spare room. I've moved around a lot but not every two years - that must be a nightmare.
    Watch out after six year you'll be putting down (tree) roots!!! I know it is bad :-(
    Lots of love xxx

  6. Gorgeous project, absolutely love this x

  7. great wall hanging Lynne. and it's amazing to think it was all done with one ink! and i spy your favorite stamp too, hugs xx


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