Monday, 25 May 2015

Folded Book - Owl

Good morning. Are you having a good bank holiday weekend? Hubby's been away so I've been having a fun time in my craft room making my Claritystamp samples. It's going well so far and I have two cards made. I'm having the day off today as Hubby is home but I'll be back in there on Tuesday to make another.

I've been admiring other people's folded books and thought it would be fun to have a go. When I saw this cute owl pattern by LoveBookFolding on Etsy I thought it would be perfect for my friend Connie as she has lots of owl knick-knacks scattered about her home.

I've seen several different ways of doing this but I really liked the way LoveBookFolding do it. The instructions are really clear and it gives a nice neat finish.

It comes with some beautiful printable elements that you can decorate your book with. I used my Claritystamp Woodpress Letters to add Connie's name and dated it with a date stamp.

I printed the owls on to white card and coloured the hearts in a red ProMarker that co-ordinated with the ribbon (bought in Dunelm).

This design does need the ribbon as this is what it looked like before I added them!

I used my sewing machine to stitch the ends together and covered up with join with an owl and an image that I stamped.

I finished it off with my "Handmade by" stamp.

I chose to leave my spare pages in the book, as I think it's nice to see them, but you can remove them and decorate inside too if you wish.

Connie said she loved it - I hope she's not just being polite!



  1. You are amazingly clever Lynne, anything craft related, you are there! Love everything you do and sure it will be treasured :-)

    1. Thanks Elaine. That's very kind of you. x

  2. This is amazing, I've been collecting books from friends so I can try this 😊 x

  3. Fantastic. So neat. I have only done a Christmas tree as the folds were easy.

  4. Beautiful Lynne - your friend is very lucky!! Xx

  5. Beautiful Lynne - your friend is very lucky!! Xx


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