Friday, 22 May 2015

Sewing Machine Cover

Hello everyone. Hubby eventually got home two hours after his chips were ready, so they were stone cold but with a spot of mayo on they weren't too bad. Luckily I'd made them with fresh unpeeled potatoes - I don't think cold frozen chips would have been as edible.

As I mentioned in my last post, this is what I've really been wanting to make........

..........a pretty cover for my sewing machine.

As it came with this really naff plastic thing.

I found this great video on YouTube by TheCraftyGemini and based it on that.

I used the plastic cover to help work out the size of it and the shape of the end sections. Then made a pattern out of some card.

The fabric is from the Sew Simple range by Makower. It really brightens up my craft room.

The handle and double button idea come from Debbie Shore's Half Yard Heaven book. I added the same fusible fleece to this that I used for the cover as it gives it a bit of body.

I also added a white polycotton lining.

I couldn't resist adding a yo-yo to finish it off. This time it's made with my new Jumbo Clover Yo-yo maker. I did ask Hubby if he'd like some yo-yos on his uniform but he didn't seem too keen!

I'm so chuffed with it - it's so much prettier than that horrible plastic thing and I made it myself! I think my Janome will be very snuggly under it. It won't be on for long though. I just found out that this year's Summer Ball is going to have a 1920's theme and I've ordered a pattern to make a flapper dress. Let's hope that goes as smoothly!

Before I go, do you remember the idea I had when writing my last post about my boring sign?

Well, I did that this morning. It's possibly a bit busy but much prettier. I just hope those birds don't poo on the laundry!

I hope you have good Bank Holiday weekend. My next post will be another first - I finally have my folded book finished.



  1. Mum said she need one. As she loves it.

    1. Thanks Dad. I know she's watched the video so she knows how to make one. :) x

  2. well done Lynne. your cover looks lovely xx

  3. Well I'm really impressed, what a fantastic job you've made 😊 x

  4. How lovely, I love the materials you've used. Your new cover will certainly brighten your room xx


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