Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mandy's Shepherd's Purse

It's coffee time! I've been a really busy girl today so I feel I've earned this coffee/blogging break. Next month's Clarity stamps will soon be here so I've been trying to get all my other jobs out of the way. Hubby confirmed what I suspected about my top - it wasn't a good fit and needed a lot of altering (I think I must be an odd shape!) so I've binned it for now. However I've discovered Colette patterns and they are drafted for my proportions and I even tally up with one of their sizes! I've spent the morning making up a toile for their Sorbetto shell top and it is already looking good. The back may still be a little baggy but it looks so much better than the other one. I'll get my assistant to check it out properly later. I may yet end up with something I can wear!

I've also sewn the buttons on my sewing machine cover so I should get that finished tomorrow. I just hope I don't mess it up as it's looking really good so far.

Anyway, back to card making....

Today's card features the Shepherd's Purse stamp designed by my teamie, Amanda Branston. It's a beautiful stamp and I thought it would make a lovely foreground with a very simple scene behind it. This involved quite a bit of masking!

First I had to mask off some of the flowers and leaves so that they appeared in front when I stamped the others...

...then I masked off the flowers and the sun so that I could create the scene around them. I didn't worry about the leaves as it didn't matter if they got green on them from the grass - I would be colouring them green later anyway.

I stamped the couple, who I like to think are Mandy and Mark, in place, so I knew where to put the hills......

...then added them and the sky.

It probably would have been quicker and easier to use my Pebeo Drawing Gum but I didn't want to risk it all going horribly wrong. One day I will get around to experimenting with it.......until then it's fiddly Post-its.

To finish it off the flowers are coloured in with Spectrum Noir pencils and I cropped it down a bit before I mounted it. I chose some bright yellow card for the mat to add to the sunny feel of it. I think Mandy and Mark are having a lovely time on that bench.

Before I go, do you like my new Happy Jackson glasses case?

I couldn't resist it, although in my case it should say "Just add glasses and coffee!"

See you soon.

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  1. Such a great card design Lynne, and it looked fab on TV.....
    It really shows off these wonderful stamps...looking forward to seeing your top when it is finished....and your glasses case did make me laugh....I so need one of those....
    Enjoy your coffee....hugs...xx

  2. Lovely card, Lynne. Your glasses case is brilliant! xx

  3. this is a fabby card Lynne and I love your glasses case too.

    On your other note are you building multi size patterns for your dressmaking? I used to find that in some areas I would be one size and in other areas hips I would be a bigger size. I used to gradiate between the sizes when I was cutting out the paper pattern -- eg at the waist cut to a size 10 but then head towards the size 12 and get there before the widest part - I hope that makes sense. Of course once you have made several things you will get to know where to alter it xx

    1. Building? I meant buying/using lol

    2. Thanks Linda. I've been reading lots of books and it's all so complicated! For this top my measurements fit size of the pattern but I know that's rare. It's not going to get the better of me though. It's only a shell top - how hard can it be? lol x

  4. lovely bright card. looked brill on telly, xx

  5. Lovely samples. I have this stamp but not used yet. Great inspiration.x


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