Saturday, 15 September 2012

40th Birthday Card - Male

I had such a lovely response to this card on FB yesterday that I thought I'd blog it today.  It's for Hubby's boss so I wanted to see what people thought of it before I give it to him at his party tonight.  Thankfully it went down really well.

These Clarity balloon stamps are perfect for men's cards, especially if you don't know what their hobbies are.

I started by printing the words on my computer.  I used copier paper to check the positioning and when I was happy with it I printed it onto card.  I masked off the middle section and then the fun began!

I stamped the balloons into position first.  As I was going to decoupage them the only bit I masked was the basket on the largest balloon.  I later coloured that in with a ProMarker.  Out came my trusty Splodge Away mat and I then brayered the hills using a torn paper mask.  Before I took that away I added a bit more colour to the top with a makeup sponge.  My cloud template is still going strong, so I got that and an Ink Duster out to do the clouds. I then just needed to add the trees and the background was finished.  I love it when it all goes smoothly!

I think you can see in the photo, but the balloons have been shaped to give them a more realistic look.

I did this on a soft mat using a large ball tool that I bought in a cake decorating shop.  To give you an idea of size, that is the middle sized balloon next to it.   If you haven't got a mat it could also be done in the palm of your hand.

Once the balloons were shaped I filled them up with Pinflair glue gel, so they will keep their shape, and stuck them on the card. 


  1. Hi Lynne, I loved this on f.b.and love it even more now... Thanks for sharing how you made it, I think your sky is fab and I need to get a cloud template. Enjoy the party tonight. X

  2. Absolutely flyingly fantastic! There is so much depth in this card that it really does feel like I'l floating through the clouds as I view it, Lynne - I admire the technique too!

  3. What a beautiful card! Thanks for sharing it -- learning to use a brayer properly is on my 'must do' list!!

  4. I think you are flying high again. Lovely card.

  5. wow Lynne this is fantastic, beautiful colours.
    Lynn x


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